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Yolo County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Yolo County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How you can find Yolo County arrest records & warrants, CA. This websites lets you run a background check on any person by using an advanced inquiry tool.
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Yolo County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

California County records provide you with the best means to conduct a background check. This article will focus on Yolo County arrest records, warrants and court records while showing you how to find them to reveal a person's criminal history.

Performing an arrest search

The sheriff office contains an online jail long that displays all the people that have been apprehended in the county during the last 30 days. You can also try to find Yolo County arrest records by directly contacting the County Jail, the Record Section operating under the Detention Division. They can be reached at (530) 668-5245. Those who wish to get a broader perspective may choose to use the CDCR's online database to perform a California inmate search. Results will encompass all of the state's prisons.

Conducting a Yolo County warrant search

Like all other CA counties, the sheriff office is the primary source for every criminal inquiry. They can show you a full list of wanted people against whom Yolo County warrants have been issued. Of course, you will need to reach their office and perform your check (they do not have online databases from which you can extract information). We would like to offer you another highly effective data bank. The search box that appears on this webpage will give you access to detailed reports containing a person's civil and criminal background, including outstanding warrants and his or her incarceration history. The data are accurate and updated. All the searches are confidential. Obtaining court dockets Generally speaking Yolo County court records are open to public view (except in certain cases, for example when juveniles are involved). To perform a case search, you will have to arrive at the Superior Court, the Criminal Division. They are located at Main Courthouse, 725 Court Street, Room 111, Woodland, CA 95695, and they are open from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday. Acquiring a copy of a relevant case requires filing a formal request and paying a fee. For more details dial (530) 406-6705.

Crime Data

Based on official crime stats published by the sheriff office, in 2014, 446 crime incidents occurred in the county. Gladly, there were no murders, but 9 women were sexually assaulted and raped. One robbery was reported plus 161 incidents of assaults. There were 89 burglaries, 171 larceny theft cases and 14 car thefts. In 2015, from January to June, 232 crimes were handled by the police. One murder was committed in February. 8 women were raped and 14 people were assaulted. So far, no robbery took place. 62 burglaries and 11 car thefts were reported. The number of larceny-theft incidents was 105.