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FAQ's FAQ's What is the rationale behind website was established to provide readers with the neces
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What is the rationale behind

This website was established to provide readers with the necessary guidelines for conducting a background check on people living in California and other US states. The website contains a useful electronic search tool that displays civil and criminal records.

How to use the website's search service?

The website provides an online inquiry tool that can be found almost on every page. Using it is very simple. Searchers are required to fill in the name of the person on whom they want to run the check and the state in which he or she resides. After that, the search will run automatically. Searcher's consent will be required before getting results. For your information, this is a paid service.

What types of criminal records will be shown?

After the searcher completes the search process, he will get access to reports containing the following: The subject's arrest records and arrest history, active and outstanding warrants, criminal records, court records, and prosecution history. Searchers will also be able to view a person's history of sex offenses. Results include county, state and federal records.

What types of civil records will the search reveal?

Results will show reports containing multiple civil records related to the subject's background: marriage and divorce records, property records and assets reports, birth and death records. Searchers will also get information on the subject's date of birth, aliases, social network, relatives and neighbors, phone number, emails and more.

Where is the information derived from and is it accurate?

Each search is directed to a vast number of governmental and private data banks. The use of so many sources at the same time allows the information to be cross-checked to make sure the data is accurate and up to date.

Why would you want to use this website's background check service?

There are situations in life that necessitate checking the background of a person you engage with on a routine basis: You have just started dating a new person; you are looking for a nanny for your kids; you want to hire a new employee for a sensitive position. Will you not want to make sure that person does not have a criminal record or an arrest warrant carrying his or her name? Our search service provides comprehensive, reliable and relatively inexpensive background information, so why not using it?

What is the billing policy of the search service?

We do our best to promise that fees are reasonable and affordable. Exact fees are displayed on the purchase sheet. Basically, searchers have two options:

  1. Unlimited access and unlimited searches with full access to all types of civil and criminal reports for a whole month.
  2. A 5 day trial membership on which searchers will be entitled to unlimited searches with full access to all types of civil and criminal reports. At the end of the trial period, searchers will be subscribed to a monthly service with all features included. The second option is more preferable by most of our users since it gives them the opportunity to examine the quality of our search service.
Can a subscription be cancelled?

Absolutely yes. Searchers can Contact Customer Support at: (800) 791-1427 and cancel their subscription immediately anytime they want. It should be taken into account that fees are billed in advance on a monthly basis. When a subscription is cancelled, there is no refund for the remaining of the month.

Is the search process confidential?

Absolutely yes. This website DOES NOT share information on searches with any third party, NOR does it deliver any data on the searchers. The person being search WILL NOT know his or her background has been examined.

What is the website's privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be read here.