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Ventura County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Ventura County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How to search for Ventura County arrest records & warrants, CA. Inquire about people that matter to you using this website's criminal background check tool.
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Ventura County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Ventura County warrants allow police officers to apprehend a suspect for a crime he or she has allegedly committed. To become active, arrest warrants ought to be signed by a judge and if not served, they become outstanding. Whether active or outstanding, they do not lose their validity until the suspect is captured. There is no online tool that enables to perform a Ventura County warrant search, and so any inquiry must be performed by physically arriving at the sheriff office (800 S Victoria Ave. Ventura, California 93009. Phone number: 805-654-9511) and going over the county's wanted people list.

Initiating an arrest search

The website of the county's sheriff introduces an effective inmate locator ( which will enable you to locate arrestees that are currently held in the county jail or those that were released in the last 7 days. The information that is revealed includes the following:

  • The detainees' name and physical attributes.
  • Booking / release date.
  • The specific facility that houses the inmate.
  • Booking number and report number.
  • The agency the made the arrest.
  • Bail information.
  • Visitation rights.
  • Case details, e.g. the type of offense the detainee committed

This inquiry tool offers a unique service; it allows you to send an email to an inmate. Each email costs around 1 dollar. Finding older Ventura County arrest records is problematic. The Website of the California Attorney General clearly stipulates that public access to other people's criminal history records will be denied. So if you are still interested in finding information on a person's prior arrests, you ought to turn to public sources. The inquiry tool attached to this article will enable you to initiate a full background check on any person residing in the state. By typing the subject's name and paying a small fee, you will be presented with elaborate civil and criminal reports (including jail records and outstanding warrants). These reports are fed with updated and accurate information from multiple governmental and private data banks. Searchers' confidentiality is strictly observed.

Searching for court dockets

To find Ventura County court records, refer to the Superior Court website. For your benefit, it offers an electronic case search tool. Its database contains infractions, misdemeanors and felony reports dated back to the beginning of the 1990s.

Crime data

The good news is that in proportion to its size (approximately 839,600 residents), Ventura County is characterized by low crime rate. In 2013, only 1,629 violent crimes were committed in its territory. These crimes consisted of 34 homicide cases, 85 rapes, 607 robberies and 903 assaults. The number of property crimes was also relatively low – 16,400. We can say that law enforcement is quite efficient in the county.