Tuolumne County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

The following lines will explain how to properly conduct a background check in Tuolumne County, CA. You will be shown step by step how to trace a person’s criminal history.

Step 1: Carrying out a Tuolumne County arrest records search

The primary source for garnering information on a person’s prior arrests is the county jail. The facility is located in 175 Yaney Ave. Sonora, California 95370. You can call them by dialing 209-216-4111.

If you want to include the whole state in your inquiry, you should carry out a California inmate search by referring to the website of the CDCR. This computerized data bank covers all the correctional facilities scattered across the state.

Step 2: Conducting a Tuolumne County warrant search

The Record Section at the sheriff office is responsible for processing and storing official reports on criminal activity in the county, including criminal records. For this reason, you should turn to them if you are looking for Tuolumne County warrants. In addition, they can provide copies of custody reports and therefore can be used to locate the county’s present and past inmates.

To obtain information from the Record Section, you must fill in a special request form and pay a fee. Bear in mind that cases under active investigation will probably remain concealed. For further details, contact them at 209-533-5855. Their physical address is 28 N. Lower Sunset Drive, Sonora, CA 95370.

Tracing a person’s criminal history on the Internet

The search service this website provides displays detailed reports containing a person’s full criminal background including the instances in which a he or she has been taken into custody all over the state. Therefore, these reports can be used to trace older Tuolumne County arrest records. The information is constantly updated to include maximum data with maximum accuracy. In addition, all necessary measures are taken to safeguard searchers’ confidentiality.

Step 3: Finding out whether a person has ever been convicted of a crime

To view a person’s convictions history, you ought to get access to Tuolumne County court records, and the place to do that is the Superior Court. In order to obtain copies of documents issued by the court, you must fill in a formal request and send it via fax (209-533-5618) or by mail to the Court Executive Officer & Jury Commissioner.

The address is:

Superior Court of California
County of Tuolumne
41 W. Yaney Avenue
Sonora, CA 95370

Your request must include (if possible) the type of record you want to see, date range and, of course, your contact information. A fee of $0.1 per page is required. For further detailed you can contact the court at 209-533-6504.

Crime rates

151 violent crimes occurred in the county in 2014. Data released by the Office of the General Attorney reveal that 1 murdered was committed in the course of the year as well as 30 rapes, 8 robberies (there were no robberies involving firearm) and 112 aggravated assaults. There were 1,157 property crimes (including 375 burglaries).