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Database Update on September 25, 2023

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Tulare County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Tulare County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How to do a Tulare County arrest records & warrant search, CA. This website's name-based background check tool lets you inquire about any person you want.
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Tulare County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

You are going to have a first date with a guy you met on the Internet. He seems nice and decent, but you want to make sure he is not a former sex offender. You also want to ascertain that there isn't any criminal record on his name. You are 100% right; it is better be safe than sorry. For your information, in 2014, there were 9,714 rapes and 1,746 murders in California. You definitely do not want to become part of these grim statistics. This article will show you how to conduct a background check in Tulare County, CA. We will explain how and where you can carry out an arrest search and conduct a warrant inquiry.

Performing a Tulare County arrest records search

The website run by the sheriff office offers an electronic inmate locator to help you locate people that are currently detained in the county jail (It can be found here). If you find the information to be insufficient, we suggest performing a comprehensive California inmate search on the CDCR website. Unfortunately, there is no online governmental inquiry tool to trace older Tulare County arrest records. Therefore we strongly suggest using the search service this site offers. It exhibits a person's full criminal history (e.g. police records, former arrests, prosecutions, etc.). The databases from which results are taken are accurate and up to date. Searchers remain fully confidential.

Looking for outstanding warrants

To initiate a Tulare County warrant search, drop by the sheriff office (2404 W Burrel Ave. Visalia, CA 93291. Phone number: 559-636-4625) and ask their permission to inspect their criminal archives. In most cases, they will show willingness to help. Cooperating with the public is part of their policy to fight crime. Try to reach the sheriff's Criminal Division directly on the phone, 559-636-4724. They are responsible for storing Tulare County warrants and other files issued by the court. For information on sex offenders, you should try to reach the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team at 559-735-1890.

Where can you trace court dockets?

To locate Tulare County court records you can visit the Superior Court and ask to view a specific case. Their Criminal Division is located at 221 South Mooney Blvd, Room 124, Visalia, CA 93291. Telephone number: 559-730-5000. Alternatively, you can use their online case search tool. For your information, criminal court records can tell you whether a person has ever been trialed for either a misdemeanor or a felony offense, and so they are an essential part of a person's criminal past.

Crime statistics

1,903 crimes involving violence took place in the county in 2014. There were 36 homicides, 91 rapes, 375 robberies and 1,401 aggravated assaults. California Department of Justice reports that additional 11,398 property crimes were committed in the county's territory.