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Stanislaus County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Stanislaus County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How to trace Stanislaus County arrest records and how to do a warrant search, CA. Use this site's background check tool to inquire about any person you want.
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Stanislaus County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Stanislaus County arrest records display the instances in which a person was apprehended by the police. You should not confuse them with court records which indicate a person's history of prosecutions and convictions. To conduct a full background check, you will need to obtain both of them in addition to arrest warrants.

Performing a Stanislaus County Arrest Records Search

The sheriff's website offers an online custody report that presents all inmates currently held in the county's jails. This report is updated around the clock so you have to follow the data on a regular basis to be informed about new arrests. If you want to broaden your perspective, it is possible to run a statewide inmate search using the inmate locator maintained by the California Department of Corrections ( The above mentioned search tools will not help you if you are seeking older jail records. To extract information on a person's prior arrests and to conduct a criminal background search, utilize the inquiry tool annexed to this article. The reports you will get cover the whole state and present a full picture of the subject's criminal past. Accuracy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Stanislaus County Warrant Search

The process of finding outstanding warrants in the county requires physically going to the sheriff office since there are no efficient electronic sources available to the public. Go directly to the Records Division (250 E. Hackett Rd. Modesto, CA 95358. Telephone number209-525-7117). They will be able to give you information on crime incidents and on the county's wanted persons. If you still insists on running an online search, the sheriff's website presents a most wanted list. This list shows the county's most dangerous fugitives.

Obtaining Stanislaus County court records

As mentioned above, court records will be able to tell you if a person has ever been trialed and convicted. Unfortunately, they are not accessible to the public.Generally speaking, California law states that individuals can view only their and not others' criminal records. However, the good news is that the county's Superior Court puts at your disposal a new case index lookup that enables you to see a case number, type (e.g. civil or felony), status and file date.

Crime Data

The total crime risk index in Stanislaus County is the same as the national average. In 2013, 2,716 violent crimes were reported. They included 33 murders, 126 rapes, 741 robberies (of which 243 cases were defined as armed robbery) and 1,816 assaults. The number of property related crimes was 20,538.