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Database Update on May 17, 2024

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Santa Barbara Arrest Records and Warrant Search Santa Barbara Arrest Records and Warrant Search How to perform an arrest records & warrant search in Santa Barbara County, CA. Inquire about people's criminal history using this site's background check tool
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Santa Barbara Arrest Records and Warrant Search

It is important that you know that an arrest warrant can only be issued after a judge had approved and signed it based on sufficient evidence that legitimizes an arrest. To perform a Santa Barbara warrant search, go to the sheriff office at 4434 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, California 93110. They have an electronic inquiry page at, but it is doubtful whether they will be willing to disclose information in that manner. Lastly, the sheriff's website also presents the county's most wanted people and top active warrants.

How to carry out an arrest search

The county's inmates can be traced by contacting the county jail at 805-681-4260. Alternatively, you may choose to perform a California inmate search by referring to the electronic inquiry tool operated by the CDCR. If you want to obtain Santa Barbara County arrest records, we strongly recommend the search box on this website. It offers extensive reports on a person's criminal history. The data are up to date and accurate. Your inquiry will be kept confidential.

How to gain access to Santa Barbara County court records

To conduct a case search you need to arrive at the record window of the Superior Court's different divisions (for contact information or address of each division, go here). A request to view public information is usually sent via mail or email. It has to include the following details:

  • Case number (regarding civil records, it can be found at the court's online index).
  • Instructions as to the type of record being sought.
  • The sender's contact information.
  • Credit card details.

To get the files, a fee of 0.5 – 1 dollar per page (depending on how you want the files to be sent to you. Sending via fax is more expensive) must be paid.

Crime data

According to CA Department of Justice, in the course of 2014 – 1,294 violent crimes occurred in the county. This number included 16 murders, 167 rapes, 263 robberies and 848 aggravated assaults. There were 9,088 property crimes (including 2,020 burglaries).