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San Francisco Arrest Records and Warrant Search San Francisco Arrest Records and Warrant Search The easiest way to find San Francisco arrest records and warrants, CA. Use this site's criminal background check tool to inquire about people around you.
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San Francisco Arrest Records and Warrant Search

With rising crime rates, it can be understood why you may be interested in doing a background check on people you work with or meet on a daily basis. It can be an employee, someone you hired for a specific job, your kids' nanny or even the new guy your daughter is currently dating. San Francisco County arrest records and warrants can be extracted from various sources, some of which are online while others exist only in hard copy.

Conducting a San Francisco County arrest records search

To locate a detainee in San Francisco jail systems, it is advisable to contact each of the county's correctional facilities and ask about their current inmate list. The following webpage contains contact information. The sheriff office does not provide an online tool to perform an arrest search, so we would recommend performing a broader California inmate search on the CDCR's website.

Carrying out a San Francisco County warrant search

The sheriff's Central Warrant Bureau can help you acquire a copy of your own criminal history. You will have to visit them at Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA. Unfortunately, you will get no access to criminal information on other people. For this reason, we strongly advise utilizing the search tool on this page. It will allow you to view warrants and older arrest records in San Francisco County and the rest of the state. In fact, you will get detailed and updated reports on a person's criminal history. Searches and searchers are kept 100% confidential, i.e. no one will know about your inquiry.

Obtaining San Francisco court records

To view public records turn to the county's Superior Court. Contact their Civil Division for civil dockets. Criminal records can be accessed at the Criminal Division office. Their address is 400 McAllister St., San Francisco, CA 94102 (telephone number is 415-551-4000). You will need to file a formal request to view your own records. They usually do not permit to view others' records unless you present them with a really good reason.

Crime Rate

7,164 violent crimes were recorded in the county in the course of 2013. California Department of Justice reports that 48 murders were committed as well as 163 forcible rapes, 4,278 robberies (including 855 cases involving firearms) and 2675 aggravated assault incidents. The total number of property crimes was 49,438 (including 37, 503 larceny – theft cases).