San Diego Warrants and Arrest Records Search

You can never know when you might need to perform a background check on another person. Imagine, for example, that you are looking for a nanny for your children. Would you not want to be 100% certain that she has a clean record? You surely want to guarantee the safety of your loved ones. The aim of this article is to show you how to find a San Diego County warrants and arrest records.

Crime rates

Before we start, it will be fruitful to present crime data related to San Diego County. Throughout 2014, 74 murders were committed in the county as well as 763 rapes, 2,705 robberies (of which 472 involved firearms) and 7,043 assaults. The total number of violent crimes reached 10,585 while the number of property crimes was 59,050. The good news is that compared to the previous year, overall violent crime rate decreased by 14.9%.

Carrying out a San Diego County Warrant Search

The best place to start your inquiry is the sheriff department. Go to their main office (9621 Ridgehaven Ct. San Diego, California 92123. phone no. 858-974-2222) and ask to view their criminal files. For your information, the sheriff’s website contains an electronic warrant lookup where you can see the county’s wanted persons.

A word of caution – if you believe you are wanted by the law, stay away from any police station because you might be apprehended on the spot. Opt for an online search.

Conducting an arrest search

The sheriff’s website will also help you locate San Diego County arrest records. It offers users an online inquiry tool which displays those who are currently in jail. Another alternative is to directly contact the county’s detention facilities. A page with their contact details can be found here.

Finally, you can perform a California inmate search by referring to the online search tool made available to the public by the state’s department of corrections.

How to find sex offenders

On the sheriff’s website there is a subscription page where you can register in order to get email alerts about the presence of sex offenders in your neighborhood. Currently around 4,000 sex offenders appear in the sheriff’s databases. This is quite a large number and so for the sake of your family’s security, it will be wise to get updates regarding their whereabouts.

Obtaining San Diego County Court records

Court records are important if you want to learn about a person’s history of convictions. To find them in the county, you had better visit the website of the San Diego Superior Court. There you can find an online case search.

According to California Rules of Court, rule 2.400(a), court dockets are considered public records and are, thus, available to the public.

Acquiring all the information in one place

If you wish to save time – instead of performing your search relying on so many sources, you may choose to use the search form added to this page. It will provide you with a person’s full background (civil and criminal). You will get comprehensive, updated and highly accurate files containing plenty of information on the person on whom you have run your check. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.