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San Bernardino County Arrest Records Search

Database Update on June 25, 2024

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San Bernardino County Arrest Records and Warrants Search San Bernardino County Arrest Records and Warrants Search Guidelines for finding San Bernardino County arrest records & warrants, CA. Carry out a background check on yourself or others using this site's search tool.
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San Bernardino County Arrest Records and Warrants Search

Have you applied for a job and you're afraid you have a criminal history your employer may discover? Are you looking for a nanny for your kids and you want to make certain she has a clean record? The purpose of this article is to show you how to carry out a background check in San Bernardino County, California. To do that, you should be able to locate arrest records, arrest warrants and court records.

Performing an Arrest Search

To obtain San Bernardino County arrest records, we advise that you use the inmate locator on the Sheriff's Website. You can locate a detainee either by name or by booking number. The same webpage presents a release log where you can see former detainees. The log shows data from approximately the last 30 days.

To use a more direct approach, you can attempt to trace jail records by turning to the county's correctional facilities:

  • Central Detention Center - 630 East Rialto Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92415, phone no. 909-386-0969
  • West Valley Detention Center - 9500 Etiwanda Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739, phone no. 909-708-8371

In most cases, they will be willing to disclose basic information on current inmates and past release.

Expanding Your Inquiry to Include All of CA Counties

San Bernardino County arrest records contain information on people incarcerated in your local area. To get a broader perspective, you are recommended to initiate a California inmate search by utilizing the CDCR's electronic name based inquiry tool. The results you will get include the inmate's name, CDCR number, booking date, current location within the prison system and parole eligible date and information.

Bear in mind that since it is a much larger data bank, it might be less accurate in comparison to the information you will garner by limiting your investigation to the county level.

Conducting a San Bernardino County Warrant Search

Before an arrest is made, police must acquire a warrant signed by a judge. To locate San Bernardino County warrants, visit the sheriff Office (655 East Third St. San Bernardino, California 92415-0061, phone no.  760-956-5001 and 909-387-8313). They keep track of every crime reported in the county and so their archives contain the information you will need. Bear in mind that if it turns out that you are a wanted person (even for a minor offence), you will be detained. So think twice before you approach the Sheriff. To be on the safe side, send someone else to do the check for you.

Tracing San Bernardino County Court Records

Court dockets can give a clear indication of whether a person has served time behind bar as a result of being convicted of a crime and so they can be used to inquire about San Bernardino County arrest records. In California, a person can contact the authorities and ask to view only his or her criminal records. Fortunately, San Bernardino County puts at the residents' disposal an online case search tool where they can view traffic and criminal court dockets ( The search can be carried out according to case number, date or defendant's name. Results include a defendant's full name, severity and description of offense, violation date and case status (whether there was a conviction or not).

This Website's Background Check Tool

To thoroughly inquire about a person's criminal history using one comprehensive source, utilize the search option on this page, it will present you with updated reports detailing San Bernardino County warrants, arrest records and court dockets. The reports also present police and criminal records issued all over California and other U.S. states. Searchers' anonymity is strictly observed. Service fees are highly affordable.