Sacramento County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Sacramento is the 9th biggest county in California. It contains 1,448,053 residents. In 2013, 7,515 violent crimes were committed in its territory. They included 78 murders, 307 rapes, 2,521 robberies (of which 827 involved to use of firearms) and 4,609 aggravated assaults. The number of property crimes was 44,326. This article will show you step by step how to use offline and online sources to find Sacramento County arrest records, warrants and court dockets.

How to find jail records

The most recommended source for a Sacramento County arrest records search is the sheriff department’s online inmate locator which you can find here. This database changes all the time according to changes in defendants’ status.

If you intend your inquiry to encompass other counties in the state, we recommend performing a broader California inmate search using the CDCR’s inmate lookup tool. This database contains current detainees only. A person’s full name is sufficient to perform an inquiry.

How to perform a Sacramento County warrant search

To trace the county’s outstanding warrants, you had better contact the sheriff office. They maintain data banks containing the names of wanted persons for all types of offenses. Unfortunately, these data banks cannot be found on the Internet, so you will have to physically arrive at their office (711 G Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Phone number: 916-874-5115) and go over the files.

However, the sheriff office does offer an online sex offender search for locating sex offenders in your neighborhood and a list of the county’s most wanted fugitives.

Finding Sacramento County court records

The county’s Superior Court will assist you in locating criminal records. What you need to do is send them a request for a background check that includes either a case number or the person’s full name plus a check with the fee for the service. Address it to Sacramento Superior Court. Criminal Correspondence Unit. 720 9th Street, Room 101 Sacramento, CA 95814. You can refer to the following URL address to learn about costs:

Finally, if you wish to shorten the search process and conduct a background check using one comprehensive electronic source from the comfort of your home, we strongly advise referring to the search option on this page. Results will include a person’s full criminal history. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.