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Database Update on April 12, 2024

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Riverside County Arrest Records and Warrants Search Riverside County Arrest Records and Warrants Search We explain how to carry out a Riverside County arrest records & warrants search, CA. Check on people of interest to you using this site's background check tool.
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Riverside County Arrest Records and Warrants Search

Similar to anywhere else in the United States, Riverside County warrants remain valid indefinitely. If not served, they become outstanding. Yet it does not mean you are off the hook. You should know that a California outstanding warrant bearing your name on it authorizes any law enforcement agent to incarcerate you once you are spotted. This is why we strongly recommend checking whether there is an arrest order for you in the system. In case you discover you are wanted by the police, call a lawyer at once to help you settle your affairs with the law.

How You Can Perform a Riverside County Warrant Search

To obtain a full list of the county's wanted persons, visit the main Sheriff Office at 4095 Lemon Street, Riverside, CA 92501 or contact them at 951-955-2400. Here, you can view phone numbers of additional offices throughout the county. You can also visit the various police stations scattered across the county. At, you will find a list of these stations plus their contact information.

In the majority of the cases, law enforcement agencies are willing to disclose warrant information, unless the case is under active investigation or minors are involved. Take into account that if you are a wanted person, distancing yourself from a police station will be wise. Ask a friend or a family member to run the check for you.

How to Initiate a Local Arrest Search

The sheriff's website contains a highly recommended online tool for an inmate search. First and foremost, it tells whether the person in question is in custody or free. Next, it will reveal his/her bodily traits, case number, charges, booking and release date and details on bail if there was any.

You also have the option of locating Riverside County arrest records by turning to each of the county's 5 detention centers asking for information on an inmate. The sheriff's website contains a page ( with information on these jails.

Carrying Out a Wider California Arrest Search

To conduct an inmate search which encompasses the entire state, use the online search tool operated by the CDCR. By filling out a name or CDCR number, you will get arrest records containing  an inmate's name, age, personal details, admission date, the facility where he/she serves time and parole eligible date if there is any.

Where to Look for Riverside County Court Records

One of the best ways to garner information on Riverside arrest records is to access court dockets as these dockets detail a person's convictions and jail sentences. To trace these dockets, you should turn to the Superior Court and ask for access to their files. California FOIA Laws obligate the authorities to grant you that access.

Alternatively, you can run a criminal record search using the online database found on the Court's website ( This database lets you trace criminal cases by a person's name or case number. You will have to sign up and pay a fee of $1.00 per page for the first 5 pages and $0.50 for any additional page up to $50.00.   

This Website's Search Tool

To find all the information you are seeking about a person background, you can use the search tool offers. By typing a person's name, you will be presented with a full criminal history report containing data on Riverside County warrants, arrest records and court dockets as well as police records and prison records from all over California. The reports are highly accurate and they are updated regularly. Searchers' anonymity is guaranteed. Service fees are highly affordable.