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Plumas County Criminal Record Check Plumas County Criminal Record Check This article will explain how to trace arrest records and warrants for the purpose of performing a Plumas County criminal record check.Knowledge
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Plumas County Criminal Record Check and Warrant Search

This article will explain how to trace arrest records and warrants for the purpose of performing a Plumas County criminal record check. Knowledge is power; it is well known. But in our times, knowledge also means personal security for you and your family: being able to identify the people that may endanger you and your loved ones and therefore staying away from them is, what we think, necessary and even obligatory knowledge.

Finding Plumas County arrest records search

Since there is no official online inquiry tool available, you will need to contact the county jail at  530-283-6267 and ask about a specific person. Inmate number may definitely help, but if you do not have it, mention the detainee's full name. They might be a little reluctant to give you information on the phone (especially regarding older jail records), so you will have to visit them in person at 1400 East Main Street, California 95971. If you are interested in a broader perspective, you may attempt to locate a detainee by conducting a California inmate search on the CDCR's website. Their electronic database covers the entire state. They also present a telephone number that will directly connect you to their Identification Unit where you can extract information on a specific person: 916-445-6713.

Carrying out a warrant search

The sheriff office is responsible for preserving the peace and enforcing the law. One of their duties includes executing Plumas County warrants. For this reason, their criminal databases can tell you exactly whether a certain person is wanted for a crime. Unfortunately, these databases do not appear online, so to access them, you need to visit the sheriff office and conduct your inquiry while you are there.

Tracing a person's conviction history

Any criminal record check must include Plumas County court records since they reveal all the instances in which a person was charged, prosecuted and convicted. To obtain them, you need to visit the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court, where you will have to submit a request to get a copy of a case. Take into account that a search fee may be included. The court can be found at 520 Main Street, room no. 104, Quincy, CA  95971, or contacted at 530-283-6232 (the Criminal Division).

Finding all you need in one place

This website offers its users an electronic inquiry tool that provides criminal history reports on any person in the state. You will be able to view California criminal records, police records, outstanding warrants, sex offenders and more. The data are accurate and up to date. Searchers' confidentiality is promised.