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Database Update on January 30, 2023

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Orange County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Orange County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Orange County Arrest Records and Warrant SearchOrange County, California,
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Orange County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Orange County, California, provides its residents with quite effective offline and online tools for a background check. This article will present these tools to make it easier for searchers to trace a person's criminal history.

Conducting an Orange County warrant search

The natural place to find Orange County warrants is the sheriff office. This is where data on the county's criminal activity is stored. You have two choices:

  • Arriving at the sheriff office in person and viewing their criminal data banks. This way you will acquire the most reliable and comprehensive information on the county's wanted persons. Yet bear in mind that if you are one of those persons, you may end up in jail, so be cautious.
  • You can conduct your inquiry on the Internet. The website of the Orange County Sheriff Department offers an online warrant lookup tool. It will display useful information that includes the following: the suspect's age and body features, warrant type and number, type and degree of offense and bail amount.

Finding Orange County arrest records

The sheriff department's website contains two recommended efficient online tools for an arrest search:

  • An inmate locator which can tell you who is currently held in the county jail. It also shows detainees that have already been released.
  • The previous month's arrest log. Using it, you can learn about those who have been recently taken into custody.

You may also choose to undertake a California inmate search by referring to the computerized database managed by the state's Department of Corrections. Of course, this is a much broader search, and so naturally it might be less accurate.

Tracing court dockets

Orange County court records can be viewed on the website of the Superior Court ( There you will find a link that will take you to a page where you can do either a civil or a criminal case search.

Another useful Tool

To locate all the information you are looking for in one place (and thus save you plenty of time), utilize the search box annexed to this page. It will deliver reliable updated reports related to a person criminal past. Your inquiry will be kept confidential.

Crime rates

According to official data published by the Office of the Attorney General, 6,042 violent crimes were investigated by the county's law enforcement agencies in 2013.  51 people were murdered and 424 women were victims of rape. There were 1,993 cases of robbery and 3,574 cases of aggravated assaults.  The number of property offenses was  61,650.