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Nevada County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Nevada County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Learn how to perform a Nevada County arrest Records and warrant search, CA. Utilize this website's advanced name-based criminal background check tool.
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Nevada County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Those interested in tracing Nevada County arrest records and warrants will greatly benefit from reading this article. It was especially written to give readers the guidelines necessary for performing a background search while using available online and offline sources.

How can you find an inmate?

The best way to initiate a Nevada County arrest records search is to use sheriff's resources. Through the inmate visitation list they publish on their website, you can learn who is currently in custody. On the same page, they offer an inquiry tool which requires no more than the first letter of the detainee's last name. This database displays booking date and number. If you are looking for further information, especially regarding older jail records, contact the county jail (Wayne Brown Correctional Facility) at 530-265-1291. For a wider search that will include the whole state and not only the county, utilize the CDCR's computerized database to perform a California inmate search.

Performing a Nevada County warrant search

The sheriff's website also offers an electronic warrant lookup tool that can be accessed here. It displays the time and place in which each warrant has been issued. Some of the data are more than 10 years old. The sheriff's website also reveals the county's most wanted people. You can see each suspect's mug shot, age and the crimes he or she has allegedly committed.

Accessing court docket

Nevada County court records are kept at the Superior Court which is where you should be heading to carry out a case search. The court is located at 201 Church St # 5, Nevada City, California 95959. Once you are there, you will need to file a request to see public records. It may take the court staff a couple of days to go over your request and approve it . Take into account that they will also demand a fee. We suggest contacting the criminal division (530-265-1311) for more details.

Crime information

Throughout 2014, 308 crimes involving violence were committed in the county's jurisdiction. 3 people were murdered. 12 women were raped. 19 robberies were committed as well as 274 assaults. There were also 1,591 property crimes.