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Database Update on March 05, 2024

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Napa County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Napa County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Perform a Napa County arrest records and warrant search, CA. Check the criminal background of people around you using this website's name-based search tool.
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Napa County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

You surely want to minimize the risks your family is exposed to on a daily basis. One way of doing that is to check the people with whom your loved ones interact regularly. For example, you will definitely find it very important to make sure your daughter is not dating a former sex offender or the nanny that takes care of your kids does not have a criminal record. Napa County arrest records and warrants can give you good indication of whether a person has a criminal history or not.

How can you perform an arrest search?

We strongly recommend using the electronic jail logs provided by the local Department of Corrections to run a Napa County arrest records search. These logs go back to 2013 and can give detailed arrest information on the county's detainees, for instance booking date, charges and the status of each case. To broaden your perspective, we suggest undertaking a California inmate search using the CDCR's online data sources and search tool. Results encompass all of the state's correctional institutes.

Undertaking a Napa County warrant search

The sheriff office offers users a computerized warrant lookup tool that can be accessed here. This data bank contains warrants that were issued later than January 2006. For older files, you had better contact the sheriff's Warrants Bureau (707-253-4209). If you are looking for more detailed data on a person's background and want to find everything using one comprehensive source, we recommend the search service offered by this website. It will give you reports containing a person's incarceration history and outstanding warrants issued against him in addition to civil records. All searches remain fully confidential.

Tracing a person's history of convictions

By examining Napa County court records you will be able to know if the subject of your search has ever been officially charged of a crime and found guilty. The website of the Superior Court enables you to file an electronic request to view civil and criminal court dockets. You will need to type the subject's name and date of birth. A search fee of $15 (plus $0.5 per page) might be required. After you fill in your contact information, you can choose how to get the files – via fax, mail or personal pickup. For further questions, you can reach the court's Criminal Division on the phone at (707) 299-1180.

Crime statistics

Data revealed by the California Department of Justice indicate that in 2014, 534 violent crimes were reported in Napa County. There were 5 murders, 45 rapes, 59 robberies and 425 assaults. Moreover, 2,385 property crimes were counted (including 566 burglaries and 1,606 larceny cases).