Marin County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

In face of rising crime rates, it will be a smart move to initiate a background check on people you come in contact with. You do not want to discover all of a sudden that the person you have recently been dating has a history of sexual violence. The following article will demonstrate how to trace Marin County arrest records in addition to warrants and court dockets. Knowledge means safety and it is better to run all the checks you can than putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

Conducting an arrest check

You have a few options when it comes to locating an inmate in Marin County:

  • You can contact the county jail at 415-499-6655 and inquire whether the person you are searching is included on their list of detainees.
  • The website of the sheriff office contains an inmate locator (Click here to access it) that displays current arrestees and a booking log with names of people that were incarcerated in the last 2 days.
  • You can expand your inquiry by conducting a California inmate search utilizing the CDCR’s electronic data bank.

For your information, the search tool on this page will enable you to perform an accurate Marin County arrest records search. You will also be presented with detailed reports that cover a person’s entire criminal history (police records, active warrants, etc.). The data are reliable and updated. And apart from you, no one will know about your inquiry.

Finding out who is wanted by the police

To perform a Marin County warrant search, we recommend utilizing the sources of the sheriff office. Pay them a visit and ask their permission to review their criminal databases. The slogan on their website is “In partnership with our communities”. That means they are willing to help the public and share information. They believe they will be rewarded with tips that may assist them in solving crime cases.

It is important that you bear in mind that Marin County warrants do not indicate that a person is guilty of a crime. According to California Law, a person is innocent untill proven otherwise in court.

Finding Marin County court records

To find out whether a person has ever been prosecuted, you will need to trace criminal court dockets. They can be found at the county’s Superior Court (3501 Civic Center Dr C10, San Rafael, CA 94903). Their website includes a public index where you can do a case search.

You can send a request to obtain copies of specific cases to Criminal Research, P.O. Box 4988, San Rafael, CA 94913. Your request must include a $15 check (For further details, click here). Lastly, you can arrive at the Court’s Records Management Office (room 113) and review various court files.

Crime statistics

454 violent crimes occurred in Marin County in 2014. This number encompasses 5 murders, 40 rapes, 111 robberies and 290 aggravated assaults. 4,565 property crimes were committed in that year.