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Madera County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Madera County Warrant and Arrest Records Search What you need to do to perform a successful Madera County warrant and arrest records search, CA. Use this website's nifty criminal background check tool.
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Madera County Warrant and Arrest Records Search

The process involved in issuing Madera County warrants is similar to other counties in California and across the United States. If the police are interested in incarcerating a suspect, they must convince a judge that there is probable cause that justifies denying a person of his / her liberty. Only then will a judge sign the warrant and make it active.

Performing a Madera County warrant search

The county does not provide an online searchable database for tracing outstanding warrants. So the best thing to do is to go to the sheriff office and ask their staff to give you access to the county's wanted people list. The office is located at 48267 Liberty Dr, Oakhurst, CA 93644, phone number: (559) 658-2555. In most cases, the sheriff is willing to help residents conduct a background check realizing that cooperating with the community is essential for fighting crime. Having said that, you should know that if your inquiry shows that there is an old warrant issued against you in the system, your visit to the sheriff office will be a one way ticket to the county jail. So be cautious.

Carrying out a Madera County arrest records search

Here is what you should do to trace Madera County arrest records:

  • The county's Department of Corrections provides you with an online inmate locator that can be found here. The data that will be revealed to you consist of the detainee's mug shot, physical description, booking number, state number and arrest and release date. You will also be able to learn about the specific offense the detainee has been charged with.
  • You can also approach the county's Department of Corrections directly and ask to conduct an arrest search using their archives. In most cases, they will agree to disclose information about current and past inmates. They can be reached at 559-675-7951. Their address is 14191 Road 28, Madera, California 93638.
  • You may decide right from the start not to limit your search to the county level and opt for a California Inmate search using the CDCR's online resources (
  • The search box on this webpage will provide you with updated and highly reliable reports that display a person full criminal history including all the instances in which he / she was incarcerated or prosecuted in the past. Searchers' confidentiality is promised.

Tracing court dockets

The Superior Court provides an online calendar of future cases. To view current and past Madera County court records, you must officially file a request for a copy either in person by visiting the court's Criminal Division or via mail. Each request must include details such as the name of the defendant his / her date of birth and case number. This service includes a fee of 15 + 0.5 USD per page. For your information, from September 5, 2015 the court will have a new address: 200 South G Street, Madera, CA 93637. For further details on how to obtain court files, we advise visiting their Criminal Cases webpage at the following address:

Crime data

In 2014, 888 violent offences were committed in the county. According to the Office of the Attorney General, these crimes included 9 homicide cases, 38 rapes, 99 robberies, and a staggering number of 742 assaults. 3,380 property crimes were reported as well.