Los Angeles County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Los Angeles County warrants enable the police to apprehend a person who has allegedly committed a crime. Any arrest warrant must be signed by a judge to become active. Once it is signed, the suspect can be incarcerated anytime and anywhere the moment he or she is located.

To carry out a Los Angeles County warrant search, you are advised to visit the sheriff office and go over their criminal databases. Since 1988, LA County Sheriff Department (LASD) has been operating the CWS – a comprehensive database that contains all warrants that have been issued by the county’s law enforcement agencies. The data is also delivered to the state’s authorities and to the National Crime Information Center managed by the FBI.

The LASD can be found at 270 S Walnut Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773. Their telephone number is 626-332-1184.

You can also garner valuable information using the search option that appears on this page. It displays a person’s criminal history and it encompasses the whole state. The data is highly accurate and the searcher’s confidentiality is fully guaranteed.

Carrying out an arrest search

You can conduct an LA County inmate search by referring to the electronic inquiry tool found on the LASD’s website. The data shown includes the detainee’s personal details and physical description, the date on which he or she was taken into custody, release date, charge level, the jail where he or she is held, bail information and future court dates.

If Los Angeles County arrest records provide you with insufficient information, you can opt for a wider California inmate search using the electronic data bank offered by the state’s Correctional Department.

How can one find Los Angeles County court records?

Based on the regulations stipulated by Office of the Attorney General, a person can run a background check only on himself. However, the official website of Los Angeles Superior Court puts at your disposal elaborate online search options where you can trace civil and criminal court dockets. Users must sign up for this service which also includes paying a fee.

Crime data

The sheriff department reports that the total number of crimes committed in the county in the course of 2014 was 260,218. There were 42,725 violent crime incidents; the rest were property crimes. The county’s law enforcement authorities dealt with 526 murder cases, 2,224 rape incidents, 16,191 robberies and 23,784 assaults.