Lassen County Arrest records and Warrant Search

Lassen County warrants become active after they had been signed by a judge. A judge will agree to sign a warrant based on substantial evidence indicating there is a probable cause for an arrest. It is the responsibility of the police to provide that evidence. In that sense, this process is not different from other CA counties.

What is the best way to carry out a Lassen County warrant search?

In case you wish to check whether a specific person is wanted by the police, you should go to the sheriff office (1415 Sheriff Cady Lane, Susanville, California 96130. Phone no. 530-251-8013). Their data banks contain criminal information from all over the county. You will surely be able to find ample information on fugitives and wanted people.

You can also pay a visit to the county clerk (220 South Lassen Street Suite 5 Susanville CA 96130. Phone no.530-251-8217) and garner information on warrants issued by the court.

Performing a Lassen County arrest records search

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find any online jail log provided by the county. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the county jail at 530-251-5245 and inquire about the arrest history of a particular inmate.

If you face any difficulty acquiring the necessary information from the authorities, we recommend using the search option on this website. It will give you a full account of a person’s criminal history in the entire state. Among other details, you will be able to view past and present Lassen County arrest records. The data is highly accurate and up to date. All necessary measures are taken to secure searchers’ confidentiality.

Finally, by referring to the online locator on the CDCR’s website, you can conduct a California inmate search and thus trace a person in the state’s correctional system.

Searching court dockets

The official website of the Superior court puts at your disposal an online case index search to help you locate Lassen County court records. Once you get a case number, you can go to the court clerk and file a request to view a copy of the relevant record. This request should be in writing and it must include:

  • A stamped envelope with your contact details.
  • A check to be delivered to Lassen County Superior Court. The fee is usually $0.5 per page. To learn more about rates, go here.
  • The following details: the name of the defendant, his / her date of birth and the kind of document you are seeking.

Crime data

According to data released by the State of California Department of Justice, in 2014, 140 violent crimes occurred in Lassen County. There were 2 murders, 6 rapes, 12 robberies and 120 aggravated assaults. 521 property crimes were reported to the authorities as well.