Lake County Arrest Records and Warrants Search

We live in a brave new world. Technology enables us to find all types of information from the comfort of our homes using our computer. Most of the counties in California provide the means to carry out an online criminal background check. In this article, we will focus mainly on Lake County arrest records. We will show how they can be traced on the Internet. The inquiry process is very easy and thus highly recommended.

Tracing a person’s incarceration history

The sheriff’s website contains an efficient online tool built to assist you in performing a Lake County arrest records search. It operates an inmate locator that requires no more than a last name to trace a detainee. It can be found at the following address:

The information that is conveyed is abundant. It includes a mugshot of the detainee, his / her personal details and physical description, booking and release date and charges. Bail information is also presented.

Moreover, the sheriff displays an in custody list that presents current and past jail records.

In order to find an inmate in other counties, go to the CDCR website and carry out a California inmate search. This inquiry tool collects data from all of CA correctional facilities.

Initiating a Lake County warrant search

The sheriff’s website puts at your disposal a warrant inquiry tool which discloses details such as the suspect’s personal information, physical characteristics. You can also see the date of the warrant, its number, when and why it was issued and the specific court that issued it.

There is also an online list that displays all of Lake County warrants in 114 pages arranged in alphabetical order.

Finding court dockets

Lake County court records specify a person’s history of convictions and they can be traced at the Superior Court. For criminal (misdemeanor and felony) files, you will have to go to the Criminal Division and ask them to conduct a search for you. You must file a formal request and pay a fee. For further information, you can contact the Court Executive Officer via e-mail:

Crime data

According to 2014 statistics, 307 crimes of violent nature were reported in Lake County. There were 6 murders, 36 rapes, 29 robberies and 236 aggravated assaults. 1,832 property crimes were reported as well.