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Kern County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Kern County Arrest Records and Warrant Search What you need to know to search and find Kern County arrest records & warrant, CA. Check a person's criminal history using this website's inquiry tool.
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Kern County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Does your daughter's new boyfriend have a dubious character? Do you have reasons to believe he has a criminal history? You might want to conduct a background check to make certain your loved one is not dating a person that might endanger her. This article will demonstrate how to carry out a Kern county warrant and arrest records search.

Finding out if a person is wanted by the police

Arrest warrants do not indicate guilt, yet they can certainly tell you that a person is suspected of committing a crime and that he is wanted by the police for questioning. The best place to trace Kern County warrants is through the sheriff office. They will not disclose information on the phone. If you want to check on yourself, you should arrive in person at the jail office located at the downtown Central Receiving Facility, 1415 Truxtun Ave. You must be equipped with a photo ID. However, you should think twice before you do that; if it is indeed found that you are a wanted person, you might be taken into custody. You can also contact the court to obtain warrant information. For felony offenses, call 661868-5393; for misdemeanor offenses, call 661-868-7207 and for traffic violations call 661-868-2382.

Conducting an arrest search

According to California Public Records Act, Kern County arrest records are open to public view as long as the relevant case is still handled in court. After that, only law enforcement agencies have access to the data. Therefore you have two options to obtain information:

  • You can view your own arrest history at the Sheriff's Arrest Records Unit. It requires a $25 fee. If you need a copy of this history, you will need to fill in a request for a live scan service and electronically deliver your finger prints to the California Department of Justice. This service also costs $25.
  • If you want to view others' arrest history without getting through all this red tape, use the electronic inquiry tool on this page. It will show you a person's complete civil and criminal background. Accuracy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Carrying out an inmate search

The sheriff's website puts at your disposal an efficient inmate locator which you can access here. It shows people that are currently incarcerated including their inmate number, booking and release date, bail (if there is any), future court dates and charges. You can perform a wider California inmate search with the CDCR's electronic inmate finder tool. Results encompass the entire state.

Tracing court dockets

The county's Superior Court is the agency you have to refer to find Kern County court records. To acquire information on a specific case, you will be asked to file a formal request. For further details, you are advised to contact them at 661-868-5393. It is important that you understand that a case search allows you to view a person's history of convictions which is must if you want your background check to be complete.

Crime statistics

The total number of violent crimes committed in the county in the course of 2013 was 4,969. Unfortunately, 61 people were murdered and 171 women were raped. Moreover, there were 1,285 robberies and 3,452 aggravated assaults. With 33,382 reported cases the number of property crimes was relatively high.