Inyo County Criminal Records Search

This article will assist you in finding Inyo County criminal records. We will start with court records, which reveal a person’s prior convictions. We will then show how to trace arrest records and warrants.

Finding court dockets

There is no computerized case search that can be used to obtain Inyo County court records, and so searchers will have no choice but to arrive at the Superior Court (address and contact information can be seen on their website) and file a FOIA request to view public information.

Searching for Inyo County arrest records

To locate an inmate or learn about a person’s incarceration history, turn to the county jail. Their phone number is 760-878-0370. You might need to visit them in person for a more thorough inquiry.

Some searchers opt for a statewide inquiry and run an online California inmate search using the CDCR’s computerized data bank, which can be found here.

Initiating a warrant search

Once issued, Inyo County warrants remain valid indefinitely. Practically, that means that if your name appears on an arrest warrant, you can be incarcerated at any given moment and anywhere even in the most unexpected situations (while you are hanging out with friends, at work or at home). Because of that, we strongly recommend checking without delay whether you are wanted for a crime the authorities suspect you have committed in the past.

To carry out a warrant inquiry, go to the sheriff office (or send someone you trust in case you are afraid you might be taken into custody). Best thing to do is to turn to their Record Division (550 South Clay Street, Independence, California 93526. ph: 760-878-0336). They keep track of all the criminal activity in the county and can definitely assist you in finding out whether you or anyone else is wanted by the police.

Using an advanced inquiry tool for a criminal background check

In case you encounter difficulties extracting information from the authorities, we recommend this website’s inquiry tool. It displays California criminal records enabling you to read about any criminal incident in which person might have been involved including his or her incarceration history. The data is constantly updated to maintain maximum accuracy. All your searches will be kept confidential.