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Humboldt County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Humboldt County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Easy to follow instructions for carrying out a Humboldt County arrest records & warrant search, CA. Use this website's advanced criminal background check tool.
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Humboldt County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

The advent of information technology has made it much easier to perform a background check on people. You would be surprised to learn how many details regarding a person's criminal history can be extracted from the Internet. Humboldt County arrest records and warrants are no exception. There are abundant electronic sources that can assist you in tracing them. The following lines will present these sources.

Undertaking an arrest search

You should begin your Humboldt County arrest records search by referring to the online jail reports ( published by the sheriff office. These reports present all the people that were apprehended in the last three weeks. They will contain details such as the detainee's name, booking number, case number and arrest date. You are also advised to contact the county's correctional facility at (707) 441-5121 or (707) 441-5159 in order to garner information on older jail records.

Conducting a California inmate search

The State's Department of Corrections has on its website an electronic inmate locator. Users can conduct Inquiries based on an inmate's name or number. Of course, the most important piece of information you will get (apart from CDCR number and admission date) is the inmate's location within the state's correctional system.

Conducting a warrant inquiry

The sheriff office is where you can trace Humboldt County warrants. They do not provide access to an online data bank, and so you have no choice but to arrive at their main office in person and ask to get access to their archives. You will need to go to 825 5th St. Eureka, CA 95501. (Phone number: 707-445-7251). Bear in mind that active or outstanding warrants are not an indication of guilt (every man or woman is innocent until proven otherwise in court); however, they can lead to your arrest any time and place, so we strongly recommend carrying out the necessary checks to make sure you do not have unresolved matters with the police.

Another inquiry tool

This website provides a search service that reveals a person's entire criminal history including all instances in which he or she was incarcerated or prosecuted. The data is highly reliable and is updated around the clock. All searches are 100% confidential.

Finding court dockets

To obtain a copy of Humboldt County court records, you must deliver a request to the Superior Court in person or through mail. This request has to include the defendant's full name, birth date and relevant case number (in case you know it) plus your contact information. Take into account that you might need to pay a fee. For additional information, contact the court's Criminal Division at (707) 445-7256 or (866) 608-1804 (toll free). They receive calls from 9 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon during the week.

Crime data

Throughout 2014, 485 violent crimes were recorded in the county. These crimes consisted of 11 murders, 59 rapes, 125 robbery cases and 290 assaults. 4,787 property crimes were committed as well.