Conducting a Criminal Records Search in Modoc County, CA

A new neighbor has just moved in. He can be a decent person, but he can also be a former sex offender. Will you not want to make sure he does not have a criminal record so as to keep your family safe? This article will explain how to carry out a criminal records search in California focusing on Modoc County. We will start with an arrest search and then move to warrants and court dockets.

How to find Modoc County arrest records

Focus your inquiry on the county jail. Best you can do is to contact them (Their telephone number is 530-233-4416; you can reach them through the sheriff office) and ask for information about present and past detainees. Do not expect to get more than basic details, such as the detainee’s name, booking and release date and charges filed against him / her.

Regrettably, unlike larger counties, there is no computerized tool that displays Modoc County arrest records on the Internet. Best you can do if you insist on using the online sources is to conduct an electronic California offender search on the CDCR’s website here. Results display inmates that currently populate the state’s correctional facilities.

Where can you trace Modoc County warrants?

By visiting the sheriff office (102 S Court St, Alturas, CA 96101. phone number for non-emergency calls: 530-233-4416), you can see names of suspects that appear in outstanding warrants issued by the court.

Obtaining Court Dockets

Copies of Modoc County court records can be obtained at the Superior Court. You should turn to their Criminal Division and file a request to view files related to specific criminal cases. You will be demanded to pay a fee for this service. For further details we suggest dialing 530-233-6515. For information on civil records, dial 530-233-6516, extension 1223.

Searching for California criminal records online

It is also possible to carry out a more comprehensive statewide inquiry simply by typing a person’s name in the search box on this page. You will get updated criminal background reports including arrest histories, warrants, police records, court rulings and more. The data is constantly updated to maintain maximum accuracy. Searchers’ identity remains confidential.

Using CA sex offender registry

You can check if there are sex offenders living near you by using the state’s online registry. You can base your inquiry on a person’s name or address.