Finding Criminal Records in Trinity County, California

The residents of Trinity County enjoy the privilege of being able to access California criminal records. In that sense, they are not different from people living in other counties across the state. California Public Records Act from 1968 obligates the authorities to disclose governmental files.

This article directs readers to sources that reveal those files for the purpose of conducting a criminal record check. We will focus on tracing a person’s incarceration history and then move to explaining how to carry out a warrant search. We end with showing where to locate sex offenders.

Carrying out an arrest search

You can attempt to locate Trinity County arrest records by contacting the sheriff’s Record Office (530-623-1334). They are open on Monday – Thursday from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. Take into account that they are quite reluctant to reveal information on other people without their explicit consent, so we suggest contacting the county jail (530-623-1348) and inquiring about current or past detainees that have populated their facility.

You may also decide to expand your inquiry and conduct a California inmate search with the online locator on the CDCR’s website. For your information, the CDCR also operates an Identification Unit which you can contact directly (916-445-6713) to check about a particular person.

How to find Trinity County warrants

A list containing all the county’s wanted persons against whom an arrest warrant has been issued can be found at the sheriff office. To access it, you need to visit them at 101 Memorial Drive , Weaverville, CA 96093. Just that you know, Trinity County arrest warrants remain valid until the suspect is apprehended, so some of the files you will see might be a few years old.

Using one source for a comprehensive criminal records search

If you want to be sure you get all the details about a person’s criminal history, use the search tool this website offers. For a very small fee of no more than a couple of dollars you get a full background report. Each report also contains Trinity County court records which display a person’s convictions in court. Therefore, it will save you the time and bother of going to the Superior Court and filling a formal request to view public records (after paying a relatively high fee).

Finding registered sex offenders

Finally, to find out if there are any people with a history of sex violence in your area, refer to the state’s sex offender registry. It allows you to run an inquiry based on one of the following: name, address, city, ZIP code and county.