How to Perform a Criminal Record Check in Mariposa County

There aren’t any governmental online sources for a criminal record check in Mariposa County, CA. Nevertheless, it is still possible to obtain relevant information on a person’s criminal history as this article will show.

Performing a warrant inquiry

In order to find Mariposa County warrants, you ought to pay a visit to the sheriff office (5099 Old Hwy, Mariposa, California 95338. Phone no. 209-966-3615), where you can see an updated list of the county’s wanted people and fugitives. The sheriff hopes that sharing information with the public will help him get information in return that may shed light on the whereabouts of suspects.

Guidelines for an arrest search

The natural place to trace Mariposa County arrest records is the local jail. You should contact them (phone: 209-966-3616) for information on a specific detainee. Be advised, they are unlikely to reveal more than basic details. For instance, you will not be notified about the detainee’s court dates or changes in his or her medical condition.

To locate a person in the state’s prisons, you can initiate a California inmate search utilizing the online locator on the CDCR’s website.

A recommended online inquiry tool to trace criminal records

This website operates a search mechanism that displays a person’s criminal background. It covers all of California (and other states across the nation). Its most noticeable advantage is that it displays court records which can tell you whether the subject of your inquiry has prior convictions.

You will also be able to see the following:

  • Active and outstanding warrants
  • Police records
  • Jail records

The results you will get are reliable and up to date. Most importantly, all the searches you will carry out will remain confidential.

Conducting a sex offender search

California sex offender registry can be used to trace sex felons throughout the state according to name or address. This database contains plenty of identifying details that include the offender’s aliases, physical description, offenses, known address and risk level.