Contra Costa County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Unlike other counties in California, there are no online tools you can use to find Contra Costa arrest records. Your best option, therefore, is to contact the sheriff’s Records Unit. Their phone number is 925-335-1570, and they are located at 2530 Arnold Drive, Ste 170, Martinez, CA  94553. Their data bank contains updated information on arrest carried out in the county.

If you insist on conducting an online arrest search, we suggest that you refer to the inmate locator provided by the California Department of Corrections. This electronic database encompasses the whole state so it can give you a broader perspective.

Undertaking a Contra Costa County warrant search

The sheriff’s Records Unit will also help you with finding outstanding warrants. They can provide you with crime reports and show you the county’s list of wanted persons.

The inquiry tool that appears on this page will enable you to initiate a full background check on any person living in California. Type the subject’s name and you will get detailed reports containing criminal records and data. The information comes from huge public and governmental sources and so it is up-to-date and accurate. Most importantly, your confidentiality will not be compromised.

Tracing Contra Costa County court records

For your information, arrest warrants do not indicate guilt which can be established only in court after formal criminal proceedings. To find information about a person history of convictions, you will need to obtain court dockets. The Superior Court website offers an online case search tool; however, it only displays family and civil records. To obtain criminal records, you  will be required to turn to the Records Unit. You can either send a request by mail plus a five dollars check or money for each person on whom you want to initiate a search. Mailing address is Court Records. 1111 Ward St. Martinez, CA  94553. You must use an envelope with a stamp and your address for returning mailing. You may also choose to visit them in person during working hours (Week days from 8 – 11 in the morning). For further details, you can call them at 925-646-4099.

Crime data

In the course of 2013, 3,961 violent offenses were reported to the county’s law enforcement agencies. They included 42 homicide cases, 148 rapes, 1,533 robberies (706 robbery cases involved the use of firearm) and 2,238 incidents of assault. Moreover, there were 31,351 property related crimes.