Carrying Out a Colusa County Criminal Record Check

To run a Colusa County criminal record check searchers should turn to the sheriff office, which provides useful sources of information that can be used to trace a person’s incarceration history.

We suggest starting with the sheriff’s Record Division (929 Bridge St. Colusa, California  95932. Phone:530-458-0200). They process crime reports and deliver copies to the state and county’s legal authorities. So this is where you should inquire about Colusa County warrants. They should not have a problem showing you a list of wanted persons against whom there are outstanding warrants (unless these files are under an active police investigation and in that case they will remain concealed).

When it comes to finding a Colusa County arrest records, we advise contacting the jail and inquiring about their current and past inmates. Of course they will not give you a whole list on the phone, but you can try to ask about a specific person. Their telephone number is 530-458-0205.

Some searchers wish to expand their inquiry and so refer to the CDCR’s website which enables them to perform a California inmate search. This way they can cover all of the state’s correctional facilities.

Using an online searchable database for a background check

Searchers interested in saving time by finding all the information they seek in one electronic database are advised to utilize the search service this website puts at their disposal. For a very small fee, they will obtain detailed reports containing a person’s full criminal history (including Colusa County arrest records and warrants). The advantage of this inquiry tool is that it covers more than the county. You can trace California criminal records and even conduct a nationwide inquiry. The information is constantly updated to maintain maximum accuracy. Your confidentiality while carrying out the search is promised.

How to trace Colusa County court records

The county’s court records will assist you in knowing whether the person on whom you run your check has ever been prosecuted and convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor. The website of the Superior Court operates a case index search. It covers civil, family, traffic and criminal cases. The main advantage of this online tool is that is exhibits a case number and filing date. You then should take these details to the Court Executive Officer and request a copy of the relevant file. This request can be made in person at working hours (8:30 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon) or via mail:

Colusa Superior Court
532 Oak Street
Colusa, CA 95932
For further details, dial 530-458-5149.