Calaveras County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Calaveras is a small county with a population of less than 50,000. Despite that, in 2014, 113 crimes involving violence were committed within its borders. Gladly, there were no murders, yet 12 women were victims of a sexual assault and rape. 9 robberies were committed (one third of which included the use of firearms) and 92 people were assaulted. Moreover, there were almost 1,000 property crimes.

Taking into account these grim data, it will not be surprising to learn that residents quite often try to trace Calaveras County arrest records and warrants so that they can run a background check on those they meet and work with on a regular basis to make sure they stay away from people with a criminal history. This check does not take long and it is quite simple as the following article will demonstrate.

Initiating a Calaveras County arrest records search

The sheriff’s website contains a jail log that shows all the people incarcerated in the county in the last 30 days. The data is organized according to days. In case you are seeking older jail records, you had better contact the county’s detention center at 209-754-6499. They will be able to help you locate past inmates.

If you intend to conduct a statewide inquiry, we suggest running a computerized California inmates search on the CDCR’s website at the following address. You can call their Identification Unit (916-445-6713) for more information on a specific inmate.

Conducting a Calaveras County warrant search

To find out if an arrest warrant has been issued against the person you are checking, you need to arrive at the sheriff office and go over the list of the county’s wanted people. They will not have a problem sharing this information unless there is an ongoing investigation related to the person you are asking about. The physical address of the office is 1045 Jeff Tuttle Drive, San Andreas, CA 95249. They can be reached on the telephone by dialing 209-754-6500.

We would like to recommend the inquiry tool that appears on this page. By simply filling in a name, you will get a full account of a person’s criminal history. The data is updated and accurate. The search process is completely confidential.

Tracing court files

It is not enough to know whether a person is wanted by the police or whether he has been incarcerated in the past. To get a full picture of his criminal background, you ought to obtain Calaveras County court records. They can tell you if the subject of your inquiry has ever been trialed and convicted of a crime and thus whether there is a criminal record carrying his name.

The county’s court dockets are stored at the Superior Court. You will be required to go to their Criminal Division and file a request to view public records (Under California Public Records Act, official court documents are considered public information). It might take a few days to approve your request (Keep in mind that some cases are not available for public view, for example cases involving juveniles). A fee will be required. Contact the court for additional details: 209-754-9800.