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Amador County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Amador County Arrest Records and Warrant Search In recent years, it has become quite simple to extract valuable information on a person's criminal history, especially when it comes to Amador Count
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Amador County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

In recent years, it has become quite simple to extract valuable information on a person's criminal history, especially when it comes to Amador County arrest records. California Public Records Act make most of these records open to the public except in specific cases when the arrestee is a minor or when the record is still a part of an ongoing police investigation. We strongly recommend starting an Amador County arrest records search on the sheriff's website. Go to the WHO IS IN JAIL page and click on the access link. It will take you to a page with multiple search options where you can do the following:
  • Locating an inmate in the county jail – Results relate to the last couple of days. The inquiry can be performed based on date (last 2 – 3 days) or a person's name. You will be able to see who is in custody and who was released. Data also include a mugshot, a physical description of the detainee, his or her gender and age, an arrest date and location, the agency which incarcerated him or her, bail information and charges.
  • Conducting a broader arrest search – The database will present up to 100 results. If you want to view more than that, you need to carry out your inquiry based on the subject's name. Data a couple of month old will be presented to you.
  • Obtaining details on the county's missing people.
There are 2 more options available to you. You can contact the county jail directly. The facility has a capacity of up to 76 inmates (65 men and 11 women). Their phone number is 209-223-6521. Call them and ask for information on present and past detainees. To expand your inquiry, you should opt for a California inmate search using the CDCR's computerized database. Results encompass correctional facilities located all over the state.

Amador County warrant search

You will not find any official online inquiry tool through which you will be able to locate Amador County warrants. Therefore, you will have to bother yourself with a trip to the sheriff office. This trip is definitely worthwhile, because at that office you will have access to all sort of criminal data, including the county's fugitives and wanted people. For your information, usually, a person may request to see a copy of his own local criminal history, but the sheriff's Record Division also issues crime incident reports upon request. To obtain that kind of information, an official form must be filled out and submitted to them. For further information, you may call the sheriff office at 209-223-6515.

Finding all the information in one place

You can initiate a thorough background check and receive a full account of a person's criminal past (i.e. outstanding warrants, incarceration history, court dockets) by resorting to the search service offered by this website. The subject's name and a very small fee are all that it takes to activate the service. We can promise accurate results and 100% confidentiality.

Accessing Court files

The website operated by the Superior Court contains a computerized case search you can use to locate Amador County court records. This inquiry tool presents only cases dating to 2002 onwards. If you need copies of older files, you had better contact either the Civil (209-257-2603) or the Criminal Division (209-257-2605) depending on the type of file you are seeking.

Crime data

Amador County is a relatively safe place with only 81 violent crimes reported in 2014. The authorities reveal that in the course of that year there were 1 murder, 5 rapes, 10 robberies and 65 assaults. The number of property crimes was 629 (including 169 burglaries).