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Alameda County Arrest Records and warrant Search Alameda County Arrest Records and warrant Search Learn how to search for Alameda County arrest records & warrants, CA. Use this site's background check tool to find out if a person has a criminal history.
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How to Perform an Alameda County Arrest Records and warrant Search

The good news for those interested in conducting a background check in Alameda County, California, is that the authorities put at their disposal efficient sources for obtaining the information they require. This information includes Alameda County warrants and arrest records.

Finding out if a Person You Know Is Wanted By the Police

The Sheriff's website presents the county's most wanted people but this list contains no more than 10 fugitives. So to  perform an Alameda County warrant search, you will have to physically go to the Sheriff Office (1401 Lakeside Drive, 12th floor, Okeland, California 94612-4305, phone 510-272-6878). Unless a case involves minor or is under active investigation, the authorities are willing to disclose information on wanted people with the imperative of public safety in mind.

Performing an Arrest Search

To garner information on Alameda County arrest records, we recommend using the inmate lookup tool offered by the Sheriff's website (

This tool has two shortcomings. First, it focuses on recent inmates and second, it's limited to the local level. To inquire about past inmates in the county, you should try to contact the local detention facility, Santa Rita Jail: 925-551-6500. Sometimes they are willing to share basic information on people who served time in their facility.

To carry out a wider California Inmate search refer to the CDCR offender search tool. By inserting a name, you will be shown a list of inmates. By clicking on a specific inmate, you will see the prison where he/she is held plus age, booking date and parole eligibility date and information.

Searching for Alameda County Court Records

Dockets issued by the court can be a useful source of information on Alameda County arrest records since these dockets detail a person's criminal convictions and resulting jail sentences.

The Superior Court enables you to file an online request on their website to view criminal court records. You'll have to sign up giving some personal details (your name, address, phone number), and then you will be asked to fill out the name of the person you are inquiring about plus his or her date of birth, date of arrest/date of conviction or docket number. You can add additional details to narrow your search, for example arresting agency or case type. You'll be asked to give your mail address or QIC code to get results. You may choose to get results by visiting the court in person. You'll also be presented with the cost of this service, which stands at $0.50 per page and $40 per page in case you want a certified copy.

Alternatively, you may use the Court's electronic search tool ( to view court hearings. Result include case number, defendant name, case type (e.g. Misdemeanor or Felony), date, hearing type, the name of the judge, courtroom and case category (civil/criminal).

A Search Option That Will Save You Time

You can find all of the information you need on a person's civil and criminal background by using the online inquiry tool on this page. You will get accurate and updated reports including Alameda County arrest records, warrants and court records as well as prison records and police records issued by law enforcement agencies in other California counties and even in other U.S. states. Your inquiries will remain strictly anonymous and confidential. Service fees are low.

Okeland City - Crime Data

In 2021, there were 5,452 violent crimes and 24,927 property crimes in Okeland, CA. Violent crime rate was 12.57 per 1,000 residents. The rate for property crimes was 57.46 per 1,000 residents. Chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime and a property crime were 1 in 80 and 1 in 17 respectively.