Oct 13, 2016

The Clown Attack Craze – Why People Are so Afraid of Clowns?

The Clown Attack Craze – Why People Are so Afraid of Clowns?

Clowns are supposed to be something innocent. Loved by children, they are meant to make us laugh. But the latest reported clown attacks carried out in many states from Alabama to Wisconsin raises the inevitable question: why are we so afraid and even terrorized by clowns?

Maybe we should ask Stephen King with his famous horror novel “IT” depicting a supervillain and murderous clown that terrorizes the lives of the characters.

clownWhat makes clown psychologically so scary is the heavy make-up that can conceal the true nature of the person beneath it. This sense of unknowing and uncertainty is the reason why those clowns so puzzling and frightening at the same time. We humans love to be in control; we always aspire to be aware of what we are facing and when things become a little blurry, insecurity arises.

So far, there were no reports of people harmed by the clown craze that engulfs the country. But it’s only a matter of time till things get out of control. Fear leads to unpredictable results and if the police are unable to contain this phenomenon, we may find ourselves dealing with clown killers on the one hand or clowns who decided to take their actions one step further beyond a mere hoax towards committing a real crime.

There are enough insane and desperate people vying for attention, even if it is a negative one. The buzz fueled by social media websites will only make it worse. As Halloween is approaching and there will be kids with clown customs – no one can tell how it is going to end.

Clown threats in California

Up until recently, California suffered less from the clown hysteria. On October 5, there were numerous reports of jesters running loose in Southern California communities. In Fontana, a 14 year old teenager was arrested for posting threat on Instagram with a picture of a creepy clown. In Glendora another 19 year old male was incarcerated for making threat against his former school in the form of a clown. There were also reports of a video containing a clown with a fake knife uttering threat against a middle school in Temecula.

Last week, Stephen King urged people on his Twitter account, to let go of this dangerous phenomenon and leave clown customs aside. We all hope people will listen to him.

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