San Jones Arrests, California

How to Obtain Information on CA, San Jones Arrests

To get complete and updated data on San Jones arrests, you will be required to use a couple of databases simultaneously, some of which are offered by the city; others are offered by the county’s authorities.

Using the resources of the city’s police

San Jones arrest records can be searched by turning to the SJPD Records Unit. The information can be asked on the phone (408-277-4261), or by visiting their offices in person (201 West Mission St. San Jose, California 95110). The fee for this service is 0.06 dollars per page.

Other types of public records can be requested by filling in an online form. You can choose how you want to accept the files – by e-mail or fax, through the postal service or by pickup.

Using the county’s databases

If you intend to run a more extensive inquiry that will include Santa Clara County arrest records, we strongly suggest using the online inmate finder on the website of the sheriff. You need to provide one of the following: booking number or date, person file number, the detainee’s name or his / her date of birth.

Looking for criminal records

To find out if a person’s arrest ended with a conviction (and thus a criminal record), you will have to turn to the Superior Court. It offers an online case index that shows the case number, file date and party ID which appear on Santa Clara County court records. These details will direct you to the relevant court where the case was managed for further investigation. Additional explanation can be found on this FAQ page

Bear in mind that some cases that contain details on the victim or medical information, probation reports and protective orders related to domestic violence will not be revealed to the public.

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