Where to Look for Warrants in the City of San Diego

There are many reasons to seek out a reliable source for open San Diego warrants. You may want to conduct a background check on a new employee, or investigate the past of a new love interest.  Or perhaps you’re even curious about your own warrants and whether […]

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Jul 28, 2016

How to Search for California Sex Offenders

California sex offenders can easily be traced using the state’s registry operated by the Department of Justice, Office of Attorney General.

Once you enter into the registry, there are a few options available to you. The simplest way to trace CA sex offenders is by conducting a […]

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California Arrest Records

California Arrest Records – Who Served Time in Jail?

At some point, it may become important for you to access California arrest records. These records unfold an individual’s incarceration history; that is, they are documentation of events that led to that person being detained by the […]

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Jun 5, 2016

California Warrant Search

California Warrant Search – Who is Wanted by the Police?

A California warrant search will help you find out if people that matter to you are suspected of a crime and are therefore wanted by the police.

In California as well as in the rest of the […]

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What is Citizens Arrest and Under Which Circumstances Can It Be Made?

In the United States, a citizens arrest is valid in any case where an individual (not a policeman, investigator, or licensed official) witnesses a crime being committed. It is permitted to hold the person who committed the crime in a sort of custody, whether it be physical restraint […]

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May 8, 2016

California Criminal Records – Can You Dig Out a Person’s Criminal History?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. California criminal records are only accessible to law enforcement agencies. Private citizens can only make request to view their own criminal history. A request to see others’ records will not be processed by the California Department of Justice.

So what can you […]

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