Most dangerous cities in California for online dating

The most dangerous cities in California for online dating

Did you know that more than half of the members on online dating website present false profiles and lie about their background? There are things you can do to protect yourself.

Millions of people all over the United States use online dating on a regular basis hoping to find the perfect match (According to the latest statistics, around 40 million American are active in dating websites these days!).


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The Internet offers a large selection of males and females ready for a relationship. It’s very convenient. The digital media spares you the embarrassment of approaching a person on the street or in a bar. Moreover, it much easier to hear NO when you are behind a screen and not face to face. In fact, more than 5% of married couples in America met one another on the Internet.

The risks

Yet the ease in finding a date electronically entails a great number of risks, especially for women, who are naturally more vulnerable. Let’s put aside the fact that close to half of the members in dating website are already in a relationship. Every year, thousands of rape cases all over the country originate on the Internet. According to data provided by law enforcement agencies, close to a quarter of the rapists utilized online dating services to find victims!

The most dangerous cities in California in terms rape cases per 1,000 residents

The table below shows cities in California with the highest rape rate for every 1,000 people. Pay attention, some of the most dangerous places include small towns.

City/Town Rate per 1,000 residents Total number of rapes Population
Gridley 0.91 6 6,578
Emeryville 0.89 10 11,200
Okeland 0.72 296 413,775
Stockton 0.63 190 302,390
Huron 0.59 4 6,800
Compton 0.39 38 98,200
Alturas 0.38 4 2,618
Nevada City 0.33 1 3,028
Los Angeles 0.29 1,126 9,974,203
Sand City 0.20 7 34,180

How you should minimize the risk

No matter how you look at it, going on a date with someone you met online is a risk. However, there are some measure you  ought to take to minimize that risk significantly:

1) Make sure your first, second and third dates take place in a public spot.

2) Avoid secluded places until you are 100% certain you are safe with the new person you met. In that sense, a romantic walk on the beach in the moonlight is out of the question, not to mention going to your new boyfriend’s apartment.

3) Inform others about the person you are dating – his name, his address (if you know it) and your plans for this evening and the next. It is important that you can be traced quickly if worse comes to worse.

4) Finally, we strongly recommend carrying out a background check on the one you are going to spend time with. You can never know what you may come up with; the most decent guy can turn out to be a former sex offender or a wanted person. offers you an advanced search tool which will provide you with comprehensive criminal history reports on any person living in California and the United States.

You will be shown police and criminal records, warrants and court dockets – everything you need to make certain your date is not a criminal or a sex predator.

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