Jun 5, 2016

California Warrant Search

California Warrant Search – Who is Wanted by the Police?

A California warrant search will help you find out if people that matter to you are suspected of a crime and are therefore wanted by the police.

In California as well as in the rest of the country, a person can be taken into custody only if he / she is caught while committing a crime or if the police have a warrant for his / her arrest. Such a warrant must be signed by a judge or magistrate to become valid. After it is issued, it remains in effect until served; that is, the suspect in incarcerated.

warrant search

Are people in your life have unresolved issues with the law?

To answer the question in the title above, you ought to inquire whether someone you know or work with is wanted by any of the state’s law enforcement agencies. The best way to do it is to perform a California warrant search.

Unfortunately, apart from sex offenders, there is no online registry that presents the state’s fugitives. You will have to focus your investigation on the county level.



How to carry out a California warrant search using your county’s resources?

A list of the county’s wanted people can be found at the sheriff office. To run a background check, you will be required to visit them in person. In the majority of the cases, the sheriff’s staff will not withhold information from you. It is in their interest to cooperate with the public. In that way, they believe they might get some tips that will lead them to suspects and thus expedite an arrest.

For your information, the largest counties enable you to carry out a computerized investigation on the sheriff’s website. These websites contain criminal databases with names of suspects at large. You will just need to type a name to see whether the one you are checking is included in the database. For instance, you can trace San Diego County warrants here. Another example – If you follow this link, you will reach an online inquiry tool that displays Orange County warrants.

Conclusion: Why will you need to check a person’s past?

The search process presented in this article is simple and fast. Therefore, there is no reason for not checking the persons you interact with on a daily basis. It is a matter of personal safety. Would you not want to check if your kids’ babysitter has a clean record? Would it not be wise to check on your employee or the person you are dating? A California warrant search may be the easy solution for you.

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