Crime Rates in California are Not Rising after All

Despite Donald Trump’s warnings, Crime rate in California is not rising after all

President Donald Trump used to warn us against rising crime rates again and again in the course of his election campaign. However, in reality, the overall picture is much brighter than what is seems. It turns out that crime rates in California and in the United States as a whole are, in fact, decreasing.

Based on data from recent years gathered by official authorities, in the years 2010-2015, U.S. imprisonment rate went lower by 8.4%. Violent and property crime rates declined by 14.6% combined.  2015 crime rates are half of what they used to be in 1991.

California experienced a more moderate decline of 1.1% in property and violent crime rate. True, in 2015, there was a rise in crime rate, but if we compared it to the previous decade, the situation is far from being alarming as Donald Trump tried to present it. Violent crime rate in 2015 stood at 426 for 100,000 residents. In 2010 it was 439.2. In 2005 it was 527.

On a positive note – the number of California arrest records issued in the last 5 has decreased dramatically

The most noticeable improvement occurred in imprisonment rate which shrank by 25% all over California. This was the direct result of passing and implementing the 2011 Assembly Bill 109 (also known as thePrison Realignment Plan) according to which non-serious offenders would be sent to jail instead of state’s prisons.

In 2012, Proposition 36 was approved. From that moment on, life sentence for “third strike” was implemented only when it came to especially severe crimes. Proposition 47 from 2014 reduced many felony offenses to the status of misdemeanor crimes. These propositions led to significant reduction in inmate population and, thus to a decrease in the number of California arrest records issued by the state’s law enforcement authorities.

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