Nov 27, 2016

California Police are under attack

California Police are under attack

Nine police officers were killed while on duty since the year began. Sadly, based on statistics released by the Attorney General, on average – 10 Californian police officers are killed in line of duty every year. What is most concerning is that in October alone, 5 officers lost their lives.

The number of assaults aimed at law enforcement agents in California is on a steep rise.  Cops have to face with more shooting incidents and armed ambushes. We should pay attention to the fact that while in the entire country there has been a 14% decrease in the number of assaults carried out against law enforcement personnel, in California the number has risen by more than 40%!

In 2006, Californian police officers were subject to 6,970 assaults (1 per 10.7 officers). In 2015, the number grew to 9,967 (1 per 7.7).

Reasons for the increasing violence

California police are suffering from serious manpower shortage. During the last 10 years, the state population increased by 10%. The number of officers in active duty grew only by 2%.

Others point to the criminal justice reform initiated in California in recent years. Many offenders benefited from reduced sentences and were sent to county jails instead of state prisons. The inevitable result is that more criminals are now free instead of being in custody. Police officers are at the front line of much more dangerous streets.

Finally, we cannot ignore the recently growing interracial tensions which definitely affect the overall volatile atmosphere on the street. In 2015, the authorities reported more than 800 hate crimes committed all over CA counties. 250 crimes were reported after Donald Trump won the elections. Attacks against Latinos rose by 35%; attacks against the Muslim population rose by 67%. Graffiti such as “Make America white again” have become very common and they can be seen on in schools, academic institutions and on public buildings.

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