Using California Jail Records for a Background Check

What Do California Jail Records Show and How You Can Find Them?

This blog post explains what type of information California jail records reveal and how this information can assist you in tracking a person’s criminal history. You will also be shown the most efficient way to find these records.

By going over California jail records, you will learn about the detainee’s age, sex and race (sometimes a mugshot is presented). Specific case details are also given. They include incarceration date and release, the facility where the detainee is or was confined, arresting agency, charge description, court dates and bond.

How you can perform an arrest inquiry

California jail records should be sought on a local level. Turn to your sheriff office or county jail for information about the person you are checking. Some sheriffs have an electronic jail roaster on their websites. For instance, Los Angeles County arrest records can be found by using the sheriff’s online inmate lookup tool.

Initiating a statewide inquiry

You have an option to perform a macro-search. The CDCR maintains an online inmate locator  that provides information on inmates confined in the state’s correctional facilities. This is a free name-based search.

Result include current inmate only. For a more through inquiry, you are advised to call the Identification Unit (916-445-6713) during the days of the week from 8:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon.

Another search useful tool will show you how to carry out an inmate inquiry in all of CA counties. It also offers users an accurate search tool that shows the full criminal history (including prior arrests) of every individual in California (and in other states as well). Data are updated constantly. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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