Using California Jail Records for a Background Check

What Do California Jail Records Show and How You Can Find Them?

This blog post explains what type of information California jail records reveal and how this information can assist you in tracking a person’s criminal history. You will also be shown the most efficient […]

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Crime Rates in California are Not Rising after All

Despite Donald Trump’s warnings, Crime rate in California is not rising after all

President Donald Trump used to warn us against rising crime rates again and again in the course of his election campaign. However, in reality, the overall picture is much brighter than what […]

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Can You Resist an Arrest in California

Can You Resist an Arrest in California?

Is it legal to resist an arrest in California? Generally speaking, No! According to CA Penal Code 148(a)(1) PC, resisting a police officer’s attempt to take you into custody is considered a misdemeanor offense and you […]

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Fremont Arrest Records

How to Find CA, Fremont Arrest Records

A search for Fremont arrest records will lead you to multiple sources, some of which are offered by the city while others are provided by the county and by the state. The article below shows you exactly what you […]

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California Arrest Records

California Arrest Records – Who Served Time in Jail?

At some point, it may become important for you to access California arrest records. These records unfold an individual’s incarceration history; that is, they are documentation of events that led to that person being detained by the […]

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What is Citizens Arrest and Under Which Circumstances Can It Be Made?

In the United States, a citizens arrest is valid in any case where an individual (not a policeman, investigator, or licensed official) witnesses a crime being committed. It is permitted to hold the person who committed the crime in a sort of custody, whether it be physical restraint […]

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